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Nicci Jaggard

I am a certified 2-Year Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator and I am inspired to

support women who desire lasting change. 

 Based in South Australia

I advocate for women to reconnect with their bodies, cultivating trust in themselves, their values, and boundaries while reclaiming their inner power as liberated individuals. This process involves addressing all parts of the body, especially those that have been historically suppressed, and promoting holistic approaches to sexuality, integrative pelvic care, and overall well-being. My mission is rooted in love and purpose, aiming to empower women through their embodied wisdom and providing safe(r), inclusive spaces for exploring new ways of embodied expression. Together, we challenge societal falsehoods, shame, and taboos, embracing our authentic selves and shared experiences to dismantle outdated notions of who we should be.

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Personal Sessions

The Secret Pleasures of Menopause Monthly Gathering

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