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Online Fembodiment™ Circle

with Stezzy Robinson

Available face-to-face through the online platforms of Zoom. 

New date TBA!

Hi, I’m Stezzy, a Fembodiment™ Facilitator here at The Fembodiment™ Institute. I believe divine wisdom lives inside every woman. I love to be in service to women on their personal journey of self-discovery and growth and to support them to remember they are already whole just as they are.


My purpose is to support you to tune in to the innate wisdom of your body and to bring it forward into every corner of your life. To be an example of freedom, uniqueness, and truth, whilst living in the highest potential from a space of completeness, self-worth, and self-love.


Working alongside me means working with a woman who is dedicated to her values: being real, finding joy, keeping it simple, and living in gratitude. Everything I offer here is in service to support you design a life that reflects your true feminine essence. I offer you everything I have experienced and embodied with the Fembdiment™ Method. I look forward to sitting in a luscious women's circle with you. 


I would like to express my gratitude to my mentor Jenni Mears who has been and still is my mentor and teacher in my ongoing self-empowerment and personal growth journey. 

My professional background

  • My professional background

  • Certified & Registered Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator with The Fembodiment™ Institute

  • Red Tent Facilitator

  • Aromatouch Technique™ Practitioner

  • Vibrational Sacred Sound Healer

  • The Groove Method Facilitator

Are you craving to connect with other like-minded women?

Are you feeling disconnected from your body?

Would you like life to feel more succulent, more alive, and radiant?

Perhaps you are seeking to learn about sexual self-empowerment and feminine embodiment but just don’t know where to find that kind of info. Or even a group of like-minded women who may feel the same as you.

If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, I have a beautiful opportunity for you to gather with us in a monthly women’s circle where we discover, discuss, embody and activate a different topic and Fembodiment™ practice each month.


This is a three-hour experience offering practical embodied tools that will support you to reflect on where you are now, where you would like to be and how to get there. This fun experiential safe(r) space is for women who are seeking to gently lean into their sexual expansion and wondering how to begin.

I offer a welcoming women’s circle that offers an opportunity to move beyond shame and taboo and reclaim the beauty, wonder, bliss, and deep connection that comes with developing Fembodiment™ confidence 



What to expect in circle

  • A safe(r) space for women and vulva owing folks of all ages to share their lives and stories where their agency is always honoured. To freely express themselves, experience being seen and heard and understood, and feel supported by a fully present group of femmes. 

  • We sit as equals. We come together with no expectations. United in a common purpose.

  • A safer space for deep healing and growth on subtle and profound levels.

  • Practice gently releasing what no longer serves, restoring balance, and setting intentions.

  • Guided Fembodiment™ practices to help drop you into a space of vulnerability and relaxation.

  • Processes to bring into your everyday life. Giving you permission to become self-aware and present.

  • A non-judgemental, supportive, caring, respectful, informative, and confidential space.

  • The opportunity to give and receive and to share your truths.

Participants love notes...

“Stezzy is a great facilitator. I'm quite familiar with meditation but hadn't done any of The Fembodiment™ Method work before so was very excited to try it. I immediately felt safe and comfortable and as the circle unfolded, I was really able to ground myself while also simultaneously losing myself in the meditation and as we closed, I was found again. In just the first circle, I had a massive breakthrough and was able to release some old trauma, that was buried deep. It was rather unexpected and a truly light and empowering experience. Highly recommend.

 I look forward to our next circle and hopefully many more to come.”

- Y.A.

Jenni mears-online women’s orgasmic sex coaching-sexologist-female pleasure sex education-
Jenni mears-online women’s orgasmic sex coaching-sexologist-female pleasure sex education-

I work with Blue Lillie Oil and Mists in my circles. Blue Lillie is inspired by ancient Egyptian wisdom, a culture infused with divine connection and the products aligns with my values and intentions. Both the oil and mists are charged at the love frequency of 528hz which aligns beautifully with the Fembodiment™ practices.

A single spritz of the Clarity Mist can dissolve tension, relieve anxiety and reconnect you with your divine essence. Feel your intention drop from the mind to the body and open the heart.

A drop of the Intention Oil is your invitation to connect to the divine beauty within. It can also be used to ground, clear and activate your senses. The fragrance calms the nervous system, connect us into our bodies, and opens us to frequencies of love, harmony and healing.

I invite you if it feels right for you to bring this product into the circle to further enhance your experience. If you are interested in purchasing these products upon coming to circle, please contact Stezzy at

I use a video-conferencing interface called “ZOOM”. Once you booked and paid for your place in the course you will receive an email with the ‘link to join’ via zoom. It is REALLY EASY to use. You simply click on the link and follow the prompts a few minutes before class begins. (There is also an option to download the ZOOM app on your smartphone. I recommend finding a safe private space where you can freely speak without interruptions. These live Zoom calls are not recorded or stored anywhere to protect the privacy of each participant.


Please note: This online circle is not suitable if you are in active trauma or have mental health issues such as BPD, psychosis etc. There is no sexual gratification or intrusiveness of any kind during this circle. This circle is offered in a safe(r) professional space of authenticity and integrity with trauma-informed care. Your agency and consent are always respected. 


Conditions of Service


If you have any questions contact Stezzy at

Your Investment

AUD $49

To book email Stezzy at

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