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My Invitation To Work Together

I have created the following ways we can work together to meet you where you’re at, whether you’re seeking gentle self-empowering personal development or professional facilitator training. I look forward to supporting you.
Jenni M

Women & Couples Personalised Sessions 

Awaken Orgasmic Confidence
Online Class Series

The Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator Certification. Internationally Approved Training by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies. (IICT)

The Online Fembodiment™ Sensual Aliveness 21-Day Self-Guided DYI Experience. Ongoing access!

Interviews, Podcasts & Media
About me

The Online Fembodiment™ Institute Founder

Hi, I'm Jenni Mears,

Wife of 43 years, mother of two, devoted whippet owner, avid traveller and pleasure activist.


I'm a passionate advocate for self-empowering women and vulva owners to embrace fulfilling sex, boundless pleasure, and enriching relationships. My mission is to guide people towards thriving in their bodies, personal and professional lives, and intimate connections.

Specialising in transformative experiences, I help women and couples reclaim their sexuality, sensuality, and untapped pleasure potential. With my guidance, they gain the inner confidence to prioritise sex, love, relationships, and pleasure in their daily lives.

As an innate risk-taker, I value freedom, integrity, and self-responsibility. Life has taught me valuable lessons through challenges and transformations. By investing in my growth, I have embraced my diverse qualities and flavours.

With 26 years in my private practice, I now mentor and educate, dividing my time between client sessions, immersions, and The Fembodiment™ Method facilitator certification training.

Being of meaningful service brings me so much joy. I have achieved a beautiful balance, wholeheartedly serving my clients and students without struggle or burnout. 

My journey was shaped by struggles—busyness, burnout, serious illness, numbness, financial challenges, and exhaustion. I believe there's a better way to live, one that integrates embodied well-being, mindset, sexual health, intimacy, and relationships into a fulfilling life.

Drawing from trauma-informed care, clinical expertise, wisdom, and esoteric knowledge, I offer unique sessions, courses, and training. Mentored by empowering teachers and undergoing transformative training, I've found my resilient edge and expanded both my knowledge base and my comfort zone.

I approach my work from a practicle mature sex-positive and somatic trauma-informed perspective, respecting agency and consent.  Having worked with individuals worldwide, I honour the complexity of each person's embodiment and their behavioural patterns.

These days, I'm excited to invite experienced Fembodiment™ Method facilitators to join the online TFI. This collaboration ensures exceptional care for our students and clients. Read more>>

Join The Fembodiment™ Institute for lasting inner transformation as a client, participant, or student.


Myself and the TFI team will warmly support you on your journey.

My Influences and formal study

My Interviews and Media

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