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An Invitation To Work Together - Jenni Mears

Below I have created the following ways we can work together online to meet you where you’re at, whether you’re seeking personal development or professional training. I am not interested in fixing you. I am interested in partnering with you to discover the wisdom and perfect path forward that’s already inside you, calling to be explored and embodied.

Personal Sessions

Step into your Femme Power!

Fembodiment™ Monthly Women's Circle

In-person women's circle on The Bellarine Peninsula.

Coming in 2023!

Fembodiment™ Freedom Online Program 

Imagine if you could easily reclaim your inner femme power and ignite your orgasmic potential at any age and stage of life.

Redefining Sex, Love & Intimacy 

Couples 6- Week Online Program

Explore new tools for better communication, and living more fully open and expressed within your relationship. And how to experience new levels of intimacy, connection, and love in your sex life.

The Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator
Online Certification 

Learn practices and processes to gently awaken female pleasure, desire and orgasmic potential to be confident in facilitating other femmes lasting change.
Join the wait list for the 2023 training!

Ayurveda Women’s Pause and Rejuvenate Retreat
September 2023 in Southern India

Immerse yourself in two blissful weeks of Ayurveda, one of the world’s most ancient holistic mind, body, spirit and systems of health. Enjoy an ultimate resort-style experience in magnificent India. 

Jenni Mears 
Creator & Teacher of The Fembodiment™ Method
Women's Self-Empowerment Holistic Sexuality Coach, Couples Sex & Intimacy Coach.

I passionately believe that women and couples deserve to experience great sex, joy-filled pleasure, and nourishing relationships that add a rich quality to their lives. I’m inspired to guide individuals in a way that supports them to thrive wholeheartedly in their bodies, life, love, their energy, intimacy, and their business and career.

I show individuals how to explore meaningful risks in reclaiming their sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure in life. I guide individuals toward the inner confidence required to make sex, love relationships, and pleasure a priority in their life.

You may have guessed I am an innate risk-taker. Freedom, integrity, and taking self-responsibility are the three highest values that I cannot live without in my life. So sometimes life has not always been a bed of roses for me and the life lessons have sometimes been painful, yet at the same time life-changing. Through many years of doing my own inner work, I have reclaimed this woman of a certain age, whom I can now confidently tell you I love deeply in all her different flavours.  


After 25 years in my private 1:1 practice, I have also now embraced the role of mentor and teacher and moved into just offering group experiences these days for my clients and students.


I love being in service, spending time with our two adult kids, our dog Miss Bette, and my husband Roy, and travelling the world. These days I have found a beautiful balance in my life, where I can be in service wholeheartedly to my clients and students without struggle or burnout. I no longer just survive, I courageously thrive. 

I draw from my life experience of just surviving in my thirties, creating busyness, burnout, serious illness, body and emotional numbness, money issues, and feeling small and exhausted.


You may relate perhaps in some way.


All I know is, this is not a way to live, not for me, and not for you I suspect!  


I know this in every cell of my body and this is what elevated the greatest catalyst for change in my middle years of life. I took on this challenge to create inner-lasting change and have been embodying it ever since. I have come to embrace the understanding that my well-being, mindset, sexuality, intimacy, energetic presence, and relationships are not separate from my life, but are part of my life to navigate as experiences to authentic satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness.

I draw on knowledge from the clinical, the practical, the esoteric, and the energy matrix around us to create unique offerings for people, unlike any others that are currently around. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have met and been mentored by some self-empowering teachers.  I have done professional training that has physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically challenged me to the core in such a transformational way. I have stretched my comfort zone so far that sometimes I’m not sure that I have a comfort zone anymore.

I support others from a sex-positive and somatic trauma-informed perspective. 

After working with thousands of people online and in person now, I can offer a truly unique way of honouring the complexity of their unique somatic embodiment, sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure potential. Along with their habitual behavioural patterns, and their humanness. 

Now in my sixties, I am inviting some of the most experienced Fembodiment™ Method graduates to join me at the online TFI to support our students and our clients. 

I welcome you to be part of The Fembodiment™ Institute in whatever way that serves your lasting inner change. Whether that be as a client, participant, or student. 

My Influences and formal study


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