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Couples Sex, Love & Intimacy Personalised Sessions

Available face-to-face through the online platform Zoom. 

Having worked with couples around sex, intimacy and relationship issues in both one on one sessions and in a group setting for over 25 years I have a great understanding and experience in dealing with everyday issues for men and women with regard to intimacy. It is a passion of mine to help couples get back on the same page and cherish their love. It's always a great privilege to support your transition towards a more happier and connected way of living and loving. 


Sessions offer you the time and space to cultivate new tools for better communication, connection, and living more fully open and expressed within your relationship. Along with how to experience new levels of opening, intimacy and love in your sex life. 

Relationships can sometimes become stale and this leads the relationship to lose its spark. Often couples are looking for ideas to renew or enliven their sexual experiences. Other times challenges that arise at different ages and stages of life are standing in the way of feeling intimately connected. This is a great way to discover new skills together.

I invite you to work together with your intimate partner to explore and create the relationship and experiences you truly want together. With guided facilitation, you can meet your collaborative edges, and discover new things. 


During a session, you will learn a number of different techniques that will help you to create a deeper level of intimacy between yourself and others. By employing and teaching a range of mindful sexuality practices for couples and communication skills, I assist you in learning how to give to another person in ways that enhance the pleasure felt by each of you, together.​


You will learn a number of different physical and energetic techniques that will help you to become more present with a partner, allowing the sexual encounters you experience to deepen and expand in their level of intimacy.


These sessions are designed for your growth and development and can teach you how to:

  • Create sacred erotic rituals

  • Learn sensual and erotic embodiment touch techniques. (This is taught on educational props)

  • How to be present, grounded and centred during intimate situations

  • Become a great communicator

  • Gain an understanding of what your partner wants, feels, needs, and desires

  • Create a deep intimacy with your partner by learning about the power of informed agency and consent

  • Learn how to connect mindfully and erotically with yourself and your partner

  • Cultivate a new quality of the relationship by learning healthy masculine and feminine qualities

  • How to embody love, presence and appreciation for each other

Are you just a little curious to find out more? 


A free clarity chat is a great way to meet me, get more information and explore what sessions might offer you.


We can connect on the phone or Zoom, talk, and look into the possibilities, your intentions, and how sessions might be helpful for you. 

Please note: I work with heterosexual couples and lesbian couples. There is no sexual gratification or intrusiveness of any kind during this class series. The session with Jenni is facilitated in a safe(r) professional sex-positive space of authenticity and integrity. Your agency and consent are always respected. There is strictly no nudity. Some intimate practices are taught using educational props.

Please provide as much notice as possible when requesting your appointment time, as I am usually booked a week or two in advance.


Your session duration is 2-3 hours


Your Investment is to be paid upon booking.


Package: Couples often find that they would like to come back and explore more

around love, sex, and intimacy further in another session.

This package allows you a 15% discount. 
You can use these sessions within a 12-month period.




Conditions of Service

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