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Jade Egg

Jade Egg

Is client-led by cultivating sensual self-care practice. This means you are working with the Jade Egg. Jade Egg mastery has been around for thousands of years to nurture and enhance your sexual energy. Jade Egg practice is designed to help strengthen, tone and wake up dormant sensations in your vagina. To begin we work with a clearing sexual reflexology practice to gently prepare the vagina and help you to clear any blocked energy from your pelvic region. You then learn Jade Egg practices, which you can easily continue in your home practice. It is recommended you purchase your Jade Egg well before your booked session. 

What is a Jade Egg? 

The history of the Jade Egg dates back 5000 years ago. The Jade Egg was an ancient Chinese Taoist practice that the Empress and her concubines committed to as a way to maintain a healthy fertile reproductive system.

Some possible benefits of the Jade Egg can be:

  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles 

  • Improved bladder weakness

  • Enhanced vaginal lubrication

  • Reduce numbness inside the vagina

  • Enhanced orgasmic and arousal potential

  • Gentle internal sexual healing associated with the crystal properties

  • May assist with post-partum rehabilitation and recovery

  • Greater pelvic health

  • Connects the brain to your vagina for greater awareness and pleasurable sensations 

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