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Just as you look after your face, teeth and hair it's important to also look after your vulva, vagina, pelvis and your breasts if you want to enjoy longevity, radiance, and thriving aliveness. For excellent pelvic care, it's important to use a natural lube during sex with a partner or when you are having solo sex at any age or stage of life. Genitals have many pleasure nerve endings and if you are not lubricating enough you may be sandpapering those pleasure spots down. Not using plenty of lube or no lube at all will decrease your capacity to feel all the delicious sensations on your vulva and in your vagina and can numb down your potential to full uncapped pleasure.      

If you would like to book an online personal guidance session with Jenni to learn how to experience breast practices and massage techniques that clear the breasts for energetic blockages and offer you the potential to have a heart-opening breast orgasm and to learn authentic holistic female sex (r)education just contact Jenni here. 

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Menstrual Cup


Yoni Steam Herbs


Breast Massage Oil - Shamanic Heart Activation


Secret Ceres Wand - Vaginal Tightening Herbal Stick

Yoni Steaming Thrones 

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Organic pH Balanced Lubricant

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