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Would you cherish the idea…

Of your participants experiencing authentic inspiration and discovering a more embodied connection with their confidence, self-empowerment and liberation, supporting them in integrating your body of work?

I’m available for online summits, podcast interviews, and guest facilitating in your group programs.

Popular Topics

๛How to resolve numbness and sexual blocks at any age and stage of life.

๛What is sexual/orgasmic confidence?

๛How to reignite your sex life after childbirth.

๛How to move from pressure to pleasure.

๛What is erotic intelligence? 

๛How to rewire your brain to your body, your nervous system, your genitals and your pleasure. 


Wildly Empowered Women Podcast #71  with Jessica Zalums

The Sensuality Empowerment Show with Sharon Hoffman

Talking About Pleasure & Solo Sex Interview with Rosie Lockhart

Create a Luscious Life Podcast
with Susan Scollen

Wildly Empowered Women  Podcast #30
with Jessica Zalums.

Reconnecting to your body, finding pleasure interview with Janelle Gullan

Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at

I Said YES! Anthology Inteview with Samantha Jansen

I Said YES! Anthology Book Launch

Stay tuned for more podcasts!

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