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The Reclaimed Woman!
Online 5-Week Class Series

The next Class Series is in July 2024

Wednesday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st

7.30 pm till 9.30 pm (AEST)

This class series will focus on creating a sense of safety, nourishment and wisdom in your body to welcome pleasure.  


The Reclaimed Woman is a 5-week class series and is recommended for women who desire to discover their unique orgasmic blueprint and erotic intelligence. Over time in the weekly class series, you will learn the Fembodiment™ practices and somatic processes I developed over the last 26 years working with thousands of women globally in private sessions and group programs.


The class series is ongoing in 5-week blocks with gaps in between for you to fully integrate what you have experienced. Each week we will journey with a simple but profound theme. I have created a methodology that offers 65 foundational and advanced Fembodiment™ practices and processes. So, each class series has a different focus to support you somatically in reclaiming a mindful body connection to your sexual wholeness while cultivating your unique essence of female embodiment in a self-loving way. 


In the pursuit of career, equality, and caring for others, women have become disconnected and closed down from their bodies and nervous systems without even realising it. This affects everything in their lives, including their ability to attract and maintain passionate and lasting love, physical and sexual health, and fulfilment in their work.


This can leave women feeling unexpressed in their desires, and boundaries and never really experience what pleasure feels like in their bodies—leaving women feeling exhausted and depleted.


Believe me, I understand, because I’ve been there! And I’ve discovered a potent secret that has made all the difference.


What is the reclaimed woman?


She is a woman who does not have to push to make things happen. She trusts her body no matter what shape or size and stage of life she’s at. She has brain chemistry to her whole body leaving nothing out and she knows what pleasure feels like in her body. She can easily experience whole-body orgasms. She knows how to safely regulate her nervous system to connect to more sensations in her body. The reclaimed woman can awaken orgasmic confidence at her own pace. Because she knows this supports her to become radiant, attractive, sensual, and grounded. She does not have to project a powerful persona to attract the respect and healthy attention she desires from men or women. She has a personal presence that is magnetic and makes others feel more trusting and connected to her. She knows how to attract an extraordinary partner or turn an ordinary relationship with a partner into an extraordinary one.  


It would be an honour to walk beside you to guide you to discover the signposts home to your reclaimed woman.

To ask any questions or if you might need a payment plan option click the contact button below.

Love notes from past participants...

Jenni mears-online women’s orgasmic sex coaching-sexologist-female pleasure sex education-

"I had no idea about pelvic care or even what it meant to have brain chemistry to this part of my anatomy. These classes have been just what I needed as I am approaching peri-menopause. Thank you Jenni for creating such a safe container online to explore in "​

~ Leah

New Zealand

"Since I explored the classes I have access to more energy, I'm more emotionally resilient, connected to my body, and have released some long-held self-sabotaging patterns."

~ Emma 

Queensland, Australia

I use a video-conferencing interface called “Zoom”. Once you have secured your place you will receive an email with the ‘link to join’ via Zoom. It is REALLY EASY to use. You simply click on the link and follow the prompts a few minutes before class begins. (There is also an option to download the Zoom app on your smartphone.

I recommend finding a safe(r) private space where you can freely speak without interruptions to also honour the privacy of the other participants. These classes are not about doing anything you don’t want to do. It is all about you, your choice and your self-empowerment. I use educational props to demonstrate some practices. ​

Please note:

I facilitate these from a mature professional space of authenticity and integrity with trauma-informed care. Your agency and consent are always respected. Live Zoom calls are not recorded or stored anywhere to protect the privacy of each participant.

As some of the energetic practices and breath work contained in the classes can promote strong physical and emotional release, it is not recommended for persons with any of the conditions listed below:

  • Pregnant women.

  • Anyone under the age of 30.

  • People with recent physical injuries or surgery.

  • People in current active trauma or have mental health issues such as BPD, psychosis etc.

  • People using major medications /on drugs/ with substance abuse syndrome.

  • Anyone with a personal or family history of aneurysms.

  • People with a history of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and high blood pressure.

  • People with asthma should check with a doctor.

Your Investment
Bookings have opened!
Limited to 10 women only. 

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