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Radiant Woman 
21-Day Experience

Fembodiment™ practices you

can access and explore at your own pace


My invitation...

To connect to your body, to trust your body, your boundaries, your values and how to feel your sexual energy from the inside out!

Access 21-days of a guided experience to explore more pleasure and gently awaken sensual aliveness.


  • Access to 21 specially chosen practices from the Fembodiment™ method to experience more pleasure, sensual aliveness and confidence in your body.​​

  • Move through the practices at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home.​​

  • Self-guided practices, insights, videos, PDF's, and music to support you in your exploration.​​

  • Extra resources to support you in your practices.​​

  • A one-off access fee. So you can repeat the 21-days whenever you desire.


  • Fembodiment™ Face and Vulva Inquiry. This potent yet gentle practice will help you cultivate a deeper, loving relationship with your body. We are often fine to share our face and not so fine with sharing the most sacred part of our body. If you want to experience self-love, and release shame this practice is essential to create your own journey to self-empowerment.​

  • You’ll also receive reflective prompts to for each of the 21 days to journal and support your self-inquiry to create a whole new mindset,  as you explore and embody the Fembodiment™ practices so you can get the most out of this self-guided experience.​

  • A beautiful journal that you can download and print to use especially for the 21-days to write your reflections on your experience.


New South Wales, Australia

The Fembodiment™ practices have changed my relationship with my body, my pleasure and with my partner. As I am understanding my own body's pleasure map I'm able to share this with my partner to his and my delight!


United Kingdom

I was initially concerned I wouldn't have time to do this. But the practices fit in with my busy schedule, and I have actually made more time for myself now as I am enjoying them so much! I didn't realise how I could feel pleasure in so many different ways.


Perth, Western Australia

I'm feeling so much more trusting and confident in my body. This is a huge milestone for me. And I loved being able to do the practices at my own pace in the privacy of my own space. I enjoyed telling my family that I was having some 'me' time and I was not to be disturbed!

Over the 21-Days you will:

  • Awaken your pleasure.

  • Embody your sensual confidence.

  • Cultivate authentic connection to your body.

  • Reclaim your inner power, and gently introduce you to your sexual energy.

  • Release old stories and habitual patterns and unlock what’s holding you back from living freely in your body.

  • Explore your capacity to trust yourself and discover your self-loving potential.

  • Discover how to feel this body you are living in.

  • Become the confident woman you have always desired to be, but just didn't know how to.

You have the luxury of going at your own pace in the privacy of your own home exploring short practices that have proven results. Sensuality requires focused time and patience.

These ten minute practices are not time consuming and can be experienced and integrated into your everyday life, without adding any more stress if you have a busy life. This is important so you can get the full benefits and real shifts that these Fembodiment™ practices offer women of all ages and stages of life.

I have specially chosen Fembodiment™ practices that I have been offering in courses and trainings. I want to offer an affordable, easy way to for you to experience more pleasure, sensual aliveness and confidence in your body, before you take the next step investing in my courses and training.

Fembodiment™ Sensual Aliveness 21-Day Experience

From the privacy of your own home explore delicious Fembodiment™ practices and short wisdom insights, to help you connect to your body, your pleasure and your sensual aliveness. Guiding you to unlock radical

self-love and a more juicy, pleasure-filled life.

Your one-off $97 investment for onging access.

Disclaimer: this experience is for your own personal development and transformation and is not a training course. All the practices, resources and materials and are for your personal use only and are not to be used in your own offerings or with your own clients. If you’re interested in becoming a certified and registered facilitator of the Fembodiment™ Method, please register your interest  here.


The Fembodiment™ practices designed in this 21-day experience are for holistic purposes only. If you have any health or mental health concerns please consult your health practitioner before commencing any of these practices. Jenni Mears takes no responsibility or liability for any injuries incurred whilst exploring these practices.

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