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1:1 Sessions
Online or In-Person

I am a Fembodiment™ Method teacher and holistic sexologist with over 26 years of experience, specialising in female embodiment, sexual healing, holistic sexuality, pleasure, intimacy, and integrative pelvic care.


Through the Fembodiment™ methodology and other modalities, I draw from I can support and guide you home to your fullest authentic expression of you at any age and stage of life. Click here for my influences and professional background. 


Ways we could work together are online or in-person on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria

​It could look like a personalised coaching session or integrative pelvic care session.

An online session offers the convenience of saving travel time and the flexibility to connect anywhere in the world. A lot can be achieved through Zoom sessions in the comfort of your own private space.

A personalised session is an ideal way to begin or continue your healing and relearning journey. I tailor each session uniquely to suit your individual needs. Together, at your own pace, we can create lasting embodied change, guiding you towards a happier future that aligns with where you are currently. 


After working together for at least one personalised coaching session, I may recommend that you explore an ​integrative pelvic care session as another way I can support you. It's essential to feel more reconnected and safe(r) in your body and boundaries that way you can explore your pelvic care more gently at the beginning, and you can learn how to increase pressure to release numbness and blocks over time. ​​

I offer authenticity and integrity in a sex-positive, non-judgmental, and professional supportive space, prioritising your agency and consent with an informed trauma care approach. In this safe(r) environment, we can nurture your healing, exploration, discovery, and embodiment, fostering a deep sense of self-empowerment. There is no nudity, sexual gratification or intrusiveness of any kind during the sessions. Sessions are  LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Your session duration is 2.5 hours.

With your safety in mind, sessions are not suitable if you are in current active trauma or have mental health issues such as BPD, psychosis etc.

Contact me on the button below to book a free chat to see how I can personalise the session to best suit your needs.

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Website Profile Pics copy_edited.jpg

Coaching Session

Vulva & Pelvic Mapping Session

Jade Egg
Sexual Reflexlogy Session

Cervix De-armoring


"Firstly, I have to say that ALL women should have a pelvic mapping session with Jenni!! She not only made me feel completely comfortable, safe and self-empowered but she also supported me to release emotional blocks in my pelvic region. The pelvic mapping taught me more about my personal anatomy than I expected and has created much-needed brain chemistry to this powerful part of my body.

Jenni was highly professional and gave me complete agency over my own body and the process during the pelvic mapping. She is also extremely intuitive and her healing energy took the experience to another level. Just amazing!​

Thank you Jenni for the amazing work you do."

​​Your investment is paid upfront to secure your appointment.


 Session Investment AUD $197

Package: Women often find that they would like to come back
and explore themselves further over 3 separate sessions.

This package allows you a discount. 
You can use these sessions within a 12-month period.


 AUD $549


Conditions of Service

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