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Client Love Notes

Cara Johnston

I am in my second year of Jenni’s training and I knew that I really wanted to clear a past experience from my pelvic bowl. I finally decided to book a session with Jenni and I am so grateful that I did. I had one of the most beautiful healing experiences I have ever had. I felt so held, so safe, and so supported throughout the entire session and I really felt Jenni’s care as she gave me an in-depth explanation of each action she would take and assured me that I was in control of the session and could stop at anytime. I woke up the next day feeling completely different, like layers of heaviness that I had been carrying for years had completely melted away.


I credit the enjoyment and embodied presence I experienced throughout my pregnancy to your wisdom and teachings of you Jenni my mentor. I was able to overcome so much pain and trauma that was stuck in my body and experience the connectedness of carrying another human being inside my womb, and birthing him. You taught me how to listen and connect with my body in a way I didn't know was possible, to connect with my ancestors widsom. I always felt held throughout the process, I stuck with it, it takes time to learn to experience one's self in such a powerful embodied way. I couldn't have achieved this without you Jenni.

 Helena Hronopoulous

I would like to express to you my experience after a mapping session, at the age of 52 I've never experienced a safe place to show and explore my genitals. You explained everything before our session and made me feel safe, but also gave me agency throughout my session which I have never had the privilege of this in my life until I met you. This is what I wrote in my journal : I actually saw her, I really saw her with nowhere to hide in front of a mirror. I saw her as a mess, she had been violated and touched inappropriately, took away her agency her power of saying NO that didn't feel right in my body. So, she learnt to allow her sexuality and sensuality to be hidden and she never asked for her pleasure, she never asks for what she likes or how to be touched. She now has a choice and a voice, she has embodied her power and she has the power of pleasure. I feel so strong in my body that there is no shame or guilt. So educational learning of her parts and accepting her I now have so much love and respect for my yoni (mounaki) and honour her as she is my life force. And finally, I feel ENOUGH. Forever grateful for an empowering and healing session that every woman should have. Thank you.

Danielle Street

"I had an online zoom session with Jenni Mears and I felt fully supported and safe. It was like we were in the same room. Jenni listened and guided me using different modalities to take me deep within myself to the source of what was holding me back, to help me clear old energetic patterns. Despite being online we had a deep connection and a transformational and powerful session. Jenni really listens and gives you agency to make choices during the session to ensure you feel comfortable. I always learn something new about myself and ways to live a more thriving life with Jenni. I left the session feeling uplifted, lighter, grounded, and with a big smile on my face. I have done face-to-face sessions and attended Jenni’s workshops before and I can confirm that an online session is just as beneficial, if not more powerful, coming from the comfort of your own home. I love working with Jenni. She comes from a place of love and is practical, integral, and knowledgeable and generously shares her wisdom and learnings which she encourages you to put into daily practice. I highly recommend an online session with her."

Melinda Everett

"I have had the great pleasure to be guided and supported by Jenni through a lot of deep work over the years that has significantly contributed to my sense of self and benefited my personal relationships. I highly recommend any woman who feels the call to live more richly within herself, find what has always been innately you, but for a myriad of reasons, is lying low and in shadow- to start (or begin again) the awakening journey with her! It's been wonderful to have the knowledge and wisdom of Jenni that cuts across so many modalities, equally to journey with like-minded women in circle offers even more support and momentum to birth the changes you wish to make in your life. In many ways I feel the work Jenni does evolves with you over time, some practices or sessions can take immediate effect and yet others land softly, just waiting for the right circumstances and timing to set bloom in your life. Jenni is a generous teacher who is eager to impart her knowledge and truly embodies that which she teaches. Whether it's been in a private session, group work or a retreat each time I leave learning something new and offered practical ways to expand and manifest the teachings into my life."


"Firstly, I have to say that ALL women should have a pelvic mapping session with Jenni!! She not only made me feel completely comfortable, safe and self-empowered but she also supported me to release emotional blocks in my pelvic region. The pelvic mapping taught me more about my personal anatomy than I expected and has created much-needed brain chemistry to this powerful part of my body. Jenni was highly professional and gave me complete agency over my own body and the process during the pelvic mapping. She is also extremely intuitive and her healing energy took the experience to another level. Just amazing! Thank you Jenni for the amazing work you do."

Debbie Zita

"Jenni, you always seem to show up in my life at the most critical of times. Your kindness, wisdom, and professionalism at an extremely traumatic time in my life was the impetus for my healing. My deepest gratitude for the sacred work that you do."


"Jenni, I just want you to know what an amazing woman you are. You are like a Mumma bear I can always come home to when the going gets tough. Your knowledge you can call on from every pocket in your tool kit is extraordinary. You always come through with exactly the right thing to say. Whether it’s from source or your combination is always to perfection. Thank you, thank you, thank you for today's session."

Melonie Harpham

"I have had several online sessions with Jenni in the last few months. I had a few deep-seated, challenging issues arise from a background of trauma come to the surface, which with Jenni’s guidance I was able to explore and release. I am feeling so much more at peace, content within myself and filled with hope. Thank you, Jenni."


"This afternoon, I had an online session with Jenni Mears from The Fembodiment™ Institute. It was one of the most life-changing single sessions I’ve ever had with any coach or practitioner. We spoke for hours then did the deepest guided (womb and pelvic bowl) clearing and integration I’ve ever experienced. I cried, I dry heaved, I felt nauseous, I smiled, I released, I expressed and I melted into the next version of my womanhood. Nothing was rushed, so much was gained. In total, we were on Zoom for well over three hours, because the work she knew I needed, didn’t have a timeline. She truly saw how committed I was to my own growth and embodiment, she met me where I was at and she took me higher. She was there to serve and impact."


Mary Paleolagos

"Since my deep work with Jenni, my life is one constant miracle after another. I feel free to embody my feminine essence without apology, I trust myself and know that I am on the right path to fulfil my potential."


"I feel that my session with you has definitely released so much more that I wasn’t even aware I was carrying in my body. I expected to feel raw after my session but what I felt physically and emotionally was so much lightness and calmness that gave so much more room for happiness, joy and pleasure to come in."

Faye Waterman

"Jenni will teach you to be you, be present and be in the moment with who you truly are. Give you back your power to be you and that freedom to know you are ok being you. I recommend that you give yourself permission to work with Jenni to become the person you are meant to be."

Tracy Thompson

"I did an online Zoom session with Jenni and felt like we were sitting next to each other in the same room, not opposite sides of Australia. I highly recommend connecting with Jenni through an online zoom for a personal or group session.

Deep Dhanoa

"I would be pretty much un-grounded and confused and I would leave her sessions balanced, understood, and closer to being aligned with my true feminine self. Jenni has always held a very safer energetic space and her nurturing inner sessions have been transformational for me, beyond words"

Yaelle Schwarz

"Over the years I have been blessed to reconnect with authentic, loving, wise, gifted, and raw parts of me that could only emerge in a safe and caring environment. Because Jenni listens with intent and is willing to reveal her own truth she creates a warm and loving atmosphere to explore."


"Hello Jenni, just a quick note to say thank you so much for your session the other night I feel so light and so more of my true self... I am so honoured that my soul chose to work with you. And honour to the work that you serve to this world."

Eryn Skinner

"My sessions with you have given me a great deal of clarity and direction. There is still much more to discover but I feel the journey can be one of curiosity and excitement. I’m looking forward to connecting deeper with my true self so I can become whom I was born to be. Thank you for the guidance, tools and resources to help me through my journey."


I have found my pleasure and connection to by body again as I transition through perimenopause. The Fembodiment™ practices Jenni gave me for my homejoy did not take up the time I thought they would and have become a part of my self-care routine. Thank you Jenni!

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