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"Thank you so very much for daring and choosing to create this space and experience in an online format. It was absolutely wonderful. I feel grateful that the online course was such an excellent, powerful, connecting experience.


Thank you dear Jenni for navigating, collating, creating, imagining the course and for challenging, rewiring and expanding us all through these 8 weeks!"

~ Anna

"I have grown so much, I love my newfound confidence in myself & love that I’m not fearful to let my own light shine. I now see myself in a whole other light & get positive comments from family, friends & strangers." ​


~ Annie

"It’s changed so much of my life – it’s given me the gift of allowing me to focus on me. To stop the outward focus, and shift to an internal dialogue, to really learn how to support myself."

~ Penelope Jane Jones

"When I decided to attend my first workshop with Jenni Mears I had no idea of the amazing journey I had just begun. A journey of healing, of letting go, of finding and being my authentic self, connecting with my personal power and my sacred sexual energy, journeying deep into myself and into sisterhood."


~ Lauralee

"Understanding your female energy system online 7-week course' was a beautiful course spent getting to know other courageous, like-spirited women over seven weeks. Interestingly in the couple of months prior, I had just started to really focus on working with chakras again for myself and my clients. The course was a timely reminder of how important it is to re-connect, and listen to, my own powerhouse of energy and really feel into her when she is depleted. Being an online course, I was still able to go deep into myself and energetically connect with the other beautiful women on the course. Each session, I learned more about myself and how to strengthen my connection to my intuition and my chakras with self-empowering meditations and techniques to continue using on my own journey. Jenni is a generous, heart-centred, and open facilitator who creates a safe space for women to share their stories to be seen and heard. Thank you again for this beautiful course.

Thank you beautiful Jenni. You are a blessing."



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