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Fembodiment™ Freedom
Online Program 

New Dates 4th April - 20th June 2023 

Are you feeling stuck in your head?

Are you feeling disconnected from your body?

Would you like to awaken your pleasure?

Would you like to embody your sexual and senual confidence?

Imagine if you could easily reclaim your inner femme power and ignite your orgasmic potential.

Are you ready to release old stories and release what’s holding you back from living freely in your life?

Do you desire to learn this kind of self-empowerment?​

​​Perhaps you are seeking to learn about orgasmic confidence and how to reclaim your pleasure, but just don’t know where to find that kind of info. Or even a group of open-minded women who may feel the same as you, in regards to learning and experiencing some valuable and life-enhancing info around mindful female sexuality for self-empowerment. 

If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, I have created an intimate opportunity for you to gather where we discover, discuss, embody and activate ways for you to reclaim YOU... and your birthright to pleasure and sexual liberation.


What does this container offer you?

A reclaiming of your inner fire and power through transformational processes to feel more aligned with all parts of you.

How to embody your unique sensual self to feel more magnetic, receptive and turned on to living and loving life from a liberated place, rather than a place of disconnection and shutdown.

Agency and consent understanding to know the difference between your healthy versus unhealthy boundaries.

A chance to have a date with your breasts to awaken your orgasmic pleasure receptivity.

Practices to awaken and reconnect with your whole body to explore how to connect to your body to trust your body, your values, and feel your sexual energy in a way you never have before, through advanced vulva anatomy learnings and how to map your own anatomy of arousal, giving you access to more pleasure and heightened internal sensations.

Sexual self-confidence exploring ways to overcome shame, guilt, self-sabotage and learning to claim your voice so you can easily ask for want you want in the bedroom and beyond.

Different ways to explore orgasm learning the many different ways to experience mind-blowing orgasms.   


This fun experiential safe(r) space is for women and vulva-owing folks seeking to gently lean into mindful sexual expansion.

I offer a welcoming online private portal that gives an opportunity to move beyond shame and taboo and reclaim the beauty, wonder, bliss, and deep connection that comes with developing inner sexual confidence and sensual self-empowerment.


I welcome women of all ages and stages of life, body shapes and sizes, relating styles, cultural backgrounds, and abilities who are keen to come together as a collective of caring people. This program welcomes diversity, curiosity, clunky-ness, and creating a compassionate sex-positive container in which we can shed shame and fear, and reclaim our authentic sensual selves. The program honours both your agency and consent at all times. You will have integration time between the classes to allow you to go at your own pace.  


What's included in the program? 

  • A private online portal to offer you a safe(r) space to connect with bonus videos and guided Fembodiment™ DIY practices and handouts for you to explore at home at your own pace. And to enjoy connecting with the other program participants. We have a great Fembodiment™ collective of women who know that pleasure matters.

  • You will experience 6 online live face-to-face Zoom group classes with Jenni for two and a half hours. Leaving time in between classes for you to integrate and embody what you learned at your own pace. 

2023 Program dates available face-to-face through the online platform Zoom. 

Tuesday evenings 7pm till 9.30pm

April 4th - Fembodiment™ movement practices to reclaim your sensual self.  

April 18th - Awaken your orgasmic self through breathwork.

May 2nd - Liberate your voice and your healthy boundaries. 

May 16th - Activate your breast's orgasmic potential.  

June 6th - Understanding your female erotic anatomy.  

June 20th - Self-pleasure through self-practice to own and uncap your pleasure.

Will this program be a good fit for me?

Yes, if you...

  • Are inspired to take embodied action.

  • Single or partnered.

  • Ready to deepen your authenticity and activate your femme power.

  • Open to experiencing Fembodiment™ practices.

  • Curious to redefine orgasm to expand your sexual responses.

  • Not looking for someone outside of yourself to fix you.

  • Ready to embody the practices and processes that I give you for home joy.

  • You are willing to share, discuss, learn, have fun and sometimes feel a bit clunky, which is all perfectly normal when we talk about mindful female sexuality.

  • If you're not in active trauma or have mental health issues such as BPD, psychosis etc.

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"Thank you so very much for daring and choosing to create this space and experience in an online format. It was absolutely wonderful. I feel grateful that the online program was such an excellent, powerful, connecting experience.


Thank you dear Jenni for navigating, collating, creating, imagining the program and for challenging, rewiring, and expanding us all through this experience!"​

~ Anna

Victoria, Australia

"Since I explored the online program I have access to more energy, I'm more emotionally resilient, connected to my body, and have released some long-held self-sabotaging patterns."

~ Emma 

Queensland, Australia


This program Jenni offers is SO powerful, and I highly recommend everyone with a vulva checks her out IMMEDIATELY!"

~ Tamara

New South Wales, Australia

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and it was a big first step in my recent path to self-discovery. I have a long long way to go but your program was an amazing place to start. You are extremely knowledgeable and very personable. We need many many many more people like you in the world. Thank you again."

~ Kylie

Victoria, Australia

I use a video-conferencing interface called “Zoom”. Once you booked and paid for your place in the program you will receive an email with the ‘link to join’ via Zoom. It is REALLY EASY to use. You simply click on the link and follow the prompts a few minutes before class begins. (There is also an option to download the Zoom app on your smartphone.

I recommend finding a safe(r) private space where you can freely speak without interruptions to also honour the privacy of the other participants. This program is not about getting naked or doing anything you don’t want to do. It is all about you, your choice, and your sexual self-empowerment. Jenni uses props to demonstrate female holistic sexuality practices.  

Live Zoom calls are not recorded or stored anywhere to protect the privacy of each participant.


Your program investment is non-refundable. In the event Jenni Mears cancels the program for any reason, a full refund will be provided to you. You may request that your program be rolled over to a future program.

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Option 2
You also have the option of adding 3 1:1 sessions with Jenni to this program if you want to personalise your experience more deeply. More info on 1:1 sessions.
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