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In-Person Fembodiment™ Moon Gathering
Saturday 11th November 2pm till 5pm

Did you know…

When we gather under the full moon or new moon energy as close to the Luna date as we can to connect to the natural rhythms and cycles of the globe we create inner alchemy.


Have you ever considered that when we gather together under the Full Moon's energy, we tap into the natural rhythms and cycles of the whole planet, sparking inner transformation? Full Moons signify heightened tension, representing a quest for balance between our willpower and emotions, our conscious and unconscious selves. Joining other women in communal practice becomes a perfect way to celebrate this expansive moment, enabling us to collectively harness this energy for more potent results and to feel our own expanded embodiment.

Some months we may gather under the new moon to sync with a different energy connected to the Luna cycles. The dark moon signals brighter stars, symbolising potential and creation. It's a time we can plant manifestation seed, embracing a more feminine, nature-aligned approach, connecting with cosmic rhythms to self-empower personal lasting change.  

I invite you to join me along with a cherished group of women in a warm, safe(r) welcoming space, as we work with the healing energy of the full moon or new moon energy, guiding you into a completely blissful state of deep restorative rest through the art of Fembodiment™.

Being kind to yourself switches off your threat response and places the body into a downregulated state of safety and relaxation. This is imperative to your Fembodiment™ journey.

 I invite you to make this time completely dedicated to you, open your heart to self-love and listen to what your body needs to heal, feel, embody and express. Forgive your weaknesses, embrace your strengths, and develop compassion for yourself as we together create inner bliss.

Our time together includes:

  • Settling into the space and opening your heart with a Cacao Ceremony.

  •  Breathwork bliss practice allowing you to connect deeply with your inner power.

  •  A guided Fembodiment™ meditation.

  • Sound healing to release, rebalance and shift any energetic blockages.

  • Journaling and self-reflection time.

I look forward to sharing this time with you in The Fembodiment™ Studio in Ocean Grove an hour and a half drive from the Melbourne CBD. The address will be given upon booking. 

What to Bring:

A pillow, a small blanket or shawl, a water bottle and a pen and journal. 

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Please note:

This gathering is not suitable if you are in active trauma or have mental health issues such as BPD, psychosis etc. Jenni facilitates this gathering from a professional space of authenticity and integrity with trauma-informed care. Your agency and consent are always respected.

This gathering is for women 25 years of age and beyond.



Conditions of Service

Your Investment
AUD $39

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