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Fembodiment™ Full Moon Gathering
With Nicci Jaggard
Monday 30th October 6.30 - 8.30PM

This is an in person event at ‘Here’s  to Strength’ wellness hub, Old Coach Road, Aldinga, South Australia. 

Are you longing for a deep and soulful connection with women who resonate with you?

Do you sometimes feel a disconnect from the intimate rhythms of your own body?

Are you seeking to ignite your life with an overflow of vibrancy, sensuality, and unapologetic aliveness?

If these words speak to your heart, I have an exquisite opportunity for you to join us in a Fembodiment™ Full moon Gathering.

In this gathering, you will immerse yourself in heartfelt discussions and self-empowering practices that harmonise beautifully with this time of the full moon.

This immersive experience gracefully unfolds over two hours, a space where you'll explore releasing what no longer serves you and embrace the healthy feminine attributes that are important to you.

This enriching space is designed for women who are drawn to explore their embodied growth through the art of Fembodiment™ and are curious about where to start.

I invite you to join our Fembodiment™ Full moon Gathering. Let us embrace the profound wisdom that flourishes as we nurture unshakable confidence along the uniquely feminine journey of Fembodiment™.

Jenni mears-online women’s orgasmic sex coaching-sexologist-female pleasure sex education-



Nicci Jaggard - Certified & Registered Fembodiment™ Method Level-1 and Level-2 Facilitator.

Please note: This gathering is not suitable if you are in active trauma or have mental health issues such as BPD, psychosis etc.There is no sexual gratification or intrusiveness of any kind during this program. This coaching program is offered in a safe(r) professional space of authenticity and integrity with trauma-informed care. Your agency and consent are always respected. 



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