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Tue, 17 Oct



Pelvic Radiance Online Course

Pelvic Radiance Online Course

Time & Location

17 Oct, 7:00 pm AEDT – 12 Dec, 10:00 pm AEDT


About the Event

Pelvic Radiance  Online Course of 6 classes -  With Jenni Mears 17th October - 12th December 2023

If you're on this page I'm guessing you have completed the Fembodiment™ Alignment course.  You may be wondering well, what's next?

I invite you to take the next step towards womanly self-empowerment and your pelvic sovereignty to explore and enjoy lifelong pelvic radiance.

I designed this pelvic-centered course for women to discover a new dynamic relationship with their pelvis in a respectful manner. This will facilitate a whole new way to work with and understand this feminine part of a woman's body.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to longevity and pelvic radiance? Are you ready to cultivate sexual energy with proven Jade Egg practices?

If you are feeling a bodyful YES! and you are ready to feel more sensual and succulent, then you are in the right place and I would be honoured to guide you.


Some possible benefits you may experience:

  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • Reverse bladder weakness
  • Enhanced vaginal lubrication
  • Reduce numbness inside the vagina
  • Enhanced orgasmic arousal potential
  • Gentle internal sexual healing associated with the crystal properties of the Jade Egg
  • Greater pelvic health and inner radiance
  • Connect the mind to your vagina for greater awareness and pleasurable sensations

What does this course container offer you?

Tuesday evenings 7 pm till 10 pm

  • Oct 17th Class 1) Reclaim your pelvis and core vitality  - Guided imagery practices to reconnect you to your inner feminine power.
  • Oct 31st Class 2) Advanced Jade Egg practices - Fembodiment™ Jade Egg somatic movement sequences.
  • 14th Nov Class 3) Pelvic and Jade Egg orgasmic potential - Discover your love muscle to cultivate your vital life force sexual energy.
  • 28th Nov Class 4) Reclaim your cervix  - The body remembers and holds everything experience we have in our life. Cervix de-armouring is about releasing all of this trauma, stuck energy and shame from our vagina so that you can experience more pleasure, more energetic flow and experience cervix and G-spot orgasms.
  • 5th Dec Class 5) Mind vulva connection - Pelvic mapping is participant-led, meaning I guide your self-touch as you work with The Cervix Serpant™ that will support you to discover your unique pathway to pleasure, working with focused touch, breath and presence to discover the extensive range of sensations available within your intimate pelvic landscape.
  • 12th Class 6) Pelvic radiance - Ancient secret teachings and practices for modern women that amplify pelvic radiance. ​​

The Jade Egg and The Cervix Serpent™ are not included in the course investment. Make sure you order well before the course begins. It's worth considering the express post option.

You can purchase one here 

What's included in the course?

  • A private online portal to offer you a safe(r) space to connect with bonus videos and guided Fembodiment™ self-paced practices and handouts for you to explore at home at your own pace. And to enjoy connecting with the other course participants. This welcoming online private portal allows you to move beyond shame and taboo and reclaim the beauty, wonder, bliss, and deep connection that comes with developing inner sexual confidence and feminine sensual self-empowerment.
  • You will experience 6 online live face-to-face Zoom group classes with Jenni for 3 hours. Leaving time in between classes for you to integrate and embody what you learned at your own pace.

Will this course be a good fit for me?

Yes, if you...

  • Are inspired to take embodied action.
  • Single or partnered.
  • Ready to deepen your authenticity and activate your feminine embodiment and pelvic radiance.
  • Open to experiencing Fembodiment™ practices and pelvic care practices.
  • Curious to redefine orgasm and your receptive potential.
  • Not looking for someone outside of yourself to fix you.
  • Ready to embody the practices I give you for home joy to explore between classes.
  • You are willing to share, discuss, learn, embody, have fun and sometimes feel a bit clunky, which is all perfectly normal when we talk about female pelvic health.
  • If you're not in current active trauma or have mental health issues such as BPD, psychosis etc.





  • Pelvic Radiance Online Course







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