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Somatic Bodywork

What is Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Somatic Bodywork?

Somatic bodywork is a body-centred form of therapy that explores the connection between the body and the mind. Examines how stress and trauma are trapped within. Somatic bodywork can help you to decipher what’s going on, ground you into the present moment, and help you to find equilibrium and inner peace. These sessions are a hands-on gentle opening. I literally help you discover the contraction in your body so that your body can relax and breathe to feel that there is a different way of being.


Somatic bodywork takes a comprehensive, somatic approach to coaching through the body. "Soma" refers to the body in its wholeness that is, mind, body and spirit. This approach recognises that your physical, mental, emotional and psychological history is manifested through your body in particular patterns, and by working with the body these historical patterns can be changed. 

In a gentle systematic process, somatic bodywork allows you to open up and reshape your history yourself by releasing historical patterns, contractions, tension, and possibly trauma, in your body. And in this process of opening and releasing long-held patterns and contractions, you create space for more energy and aliveness in your body. When there is more aliveness, there can be more choice, and in more choice, you have the opportunity to shift something in your life, and a new story can appear and be actively embodied. 


Your somatic bodywork session is fully clothed and you will be on a comfortable massage table. I create a supportive space for you to gently process with informed agency and consent and informed trauma care front of mind throughout your session. I weave Reiki, Magnified Healing®, and sound healing into these sessions to support you to feel more in balance physically and energetically.    

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