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The Blossoming Woman
Love Notes


Victoria, Australia

Thank you so very much for daring and choosing to create this space and experience. It was absolutely wonderful. I feel grateful that the monthly classes were such an excellent, powerful, connecting experience. Thank you dear Jenni for navigating, collating, creating, and imagining the classes and for challenging, rewiring, and expanding us all through this experience!"​ ~ Anna Victoria, Australia


Queensland, Australia

Since I explored the classes I have access to more energy, I'm more emotionally resilient, connected to my body, and have released some long-held self-sabotaging patterns.


South Australia, Australia

My Jade Egg is my new best friend. So glad I got over myself and said a big yes to joining these montlhly classes. Thank you, Jenni, for all your wisdom and how you gently held space for me to really explore authentic pelvic health. I also loved meeting all the other women.

Joelle Vadas - Founder of Deeper Connections

Victoria, Australia

These monthly classes absolutely changed the trajectory of my life! Invaluable. I wish every woman could do it and fall in love with themselves, as I did. Also Jenni Mears is a most exquisite facilitator and mentor. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


New South Wales Australia

I am so glad that I have learned about pelvic care from Jenni now in my thirties, not just for orgasmic potential but also so I move through the different stages and ages in my life with pelvic radiance.


Victoria, Australia

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and it was a big first step in my recent path to self-discovery. I have a long long way to go but your monthly classes were an amazing place to start. You are extremely knowledgeable and very personable. We need many many many more people like you in the world. Thank you again.


New Zealand

I had no idea about pelvic care or even what it meant to have brain chemistry to this part of my anatomy. These classes have been just what I needed as I am approaching peri-menopause. Thank you Jenni for creating such a safe container online to explore in.


London, United Kingdom

My partner was amazed at how radiant I looked when I finished the immersion.


New South Wales, Australia

These classes Jenni offers are SO powerful, and I highly recommend everyone with a vulva checks her out immediately!"

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