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 Facilitator 2-Year Certification

Revolutionising the concept of authentic female embodiment, holistic sexuality reeducation, integrated pelvic care and pleasure.

I am the founder of The Fembodiment™ Institute and have been internationally recognised as a pioneer in the field of women's holistic sexuality.

The Fembodiment™ Institute trains highly skilled, versatile and ethical female facilitators who are dedicated to self-empowering their clients in rediscovering their ability to connect with their bodies, trust their boundaries, embrace their values, and tap into their sexual energy.


This revolutionary, internationally recognised IICT-certified professional training is at the forefront of holistic sexuality, female embodiment, and integrative pelvic care. Facilitators learn to support clients to discover and experience more sensations in their bodies, and effectively communicate their sexual needs and desires within their intimate relationships. They will be equipped to provide client-led integrative pelvic care such as pelvic and vulva mapping, and cervix de-armouring as well as mastering the art of Jade Egg sexual reflexology.

Facilitators first embody the training themselves, ensuring they can adeptly guide clients through the methodology. They learn to create a safe(r) and inclusive environment, facilitating the work in a sex-positive and trauma-aware manner. Graduates of the training gain a comprehensive toolkit of Fembodiment™ practices, processes, integrative pelvic care, and couples intimacy and communication practices enabling them to seamlessly guide one-on-one sessions and group settings, both online and in person.

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