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Founder Jenni Mears
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For Women by Women


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It is your birthright to be free of sexual shame! 


To trust yourself, to be in touch with your body, your values, your boundaries, and how to feel your sexual energy.  

If you're struggling with your sensual self, your heart connection, your emotions, your mindset, habitual behavioural patterns, or your significant relationships, whether you are single or looking to attract extraordinary relationships you've come to the right place.


TFI Unwavering Values 

We are not interested in fixing you. We are interested in partnering with you to discover the wisdom and perfect path forward that’s already inside you, calling to be explored, experienced, and embodied.

We value accountability, equality, inclusivity, safety, authenticity, liberation, passion, purpose, sex positivity, body positivity, and inner power.

We acknowledge the original custodians of this place that we work on, the Wadawurrung people of the Wadawurrung country, and pay our respects to Elders past and present. Aboriginal country, always was, always will be. 


We are living in ever-changing, times. The importance of having regular self-empowering practices and processes and the confidence to enjoy them is more important than ever before. We are grateful that we live at a time that we have the technology that enables us to connect from anywhere in the world offering you the flexibility to weave private sessions, online programs, and professional facilitator training into the busy life of modern-day women.


Our world needs women to feel wild freedom in their bodies, lives, the bedroom, and in their careers. To tune in and turn on their radiant powerful presence more than ever before.


Jenni mears-online women’s orgasmic sex coaching-sexologist-female pleasure sex education-

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